Solaarium Ergoline Soltron S45 Hot Pepper

500 € (Hinnale lisandub käibemaks)

Müüa solaariumi aparaat Ergoline Soltron S45 Hot Pepper.Seadmed olid mahavõttes täiesti töökorras.Asuvad hetkel laos.Lampide seisukorda ei oska täpselt öelda.Lisandub km.


Spice up your life! With Hot Pepper you will have no problems. Its evocative colours and fiery tanning performance are guaranteed to spice up your studio! Hot curves and glowing colours in a classy metallic finish and the integrated spicy lighting display in the Hot Pepper design. And then there is the inspirational interior lighting! Who could possibly resist?


  • 40 UV Lamps at 140 or 160 watt.
  • 3 x 400 watt Facial Tanners.


  • Reflex Neck Tanner.
  • Soltron Fan.
  • Optional: Stereo Sound system.


Bed Specifications
Lamps 40 x 140/160 Watts
Facial Lamps 3 x 400 Watts
Maximum Exposure Time 12 or 15 minutes
Power Consumption 10,300/11,100 Watts
Electrical Required 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø
Circuit Breaker 40A / 3-pole 3Ø or 60/70A / 2-pole 1Ø
Weight 860 lbs
Dimensions closed 87″L x 44″W x 48″H
Dimensions open 87″L x 44″W x 56″H
Recommended Room Size 9 ft. x 7 ft.


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